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Are you looking for a work student to fill in a (temporary) project within your company? Then you are in the right place! EuFlex Technificent can help you out. We know how to connect the right talents with the business world, but we also know how to find the right match with students for our clients. With a network of over 3000 TU/e students, we have a wide range of possibilities to fulfill your specific needs.

Our students are employed for various projects. Think of temporary projects, seasonal jobs, but also for consultancy, software engineering and data science jobs. Some examples of jobs you can think of are:

  • Software engineers
  • Junior structural engineer
  • Junior data consultant
  • Translation jobs
  • Cloud/Infrastructure Engineer
  • IT Specialist

Who are the different work students from Eindhoven?

As mentioned above, we have a large network of over 3000 technical students. These students are all registered on our platform. They study at different faculties and programs at TU/e, such as:

  • Faculty of Biomedical Technology
  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Faculty of Industrial Design
  • Faculty of Industrial Engineering & Innovation
  • Faculty of Chemical Technology
  • Faculty of Applied Physics
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

For all programs, please click here.

The students of the TU/e are used to working in multidisciplinary teams through challenge based learning. With challenge based learning the theoretical knowledge is directly applied in practice. As a result, the students develop not only subject-specific knowledge but also other skills such as researching, cooperating, dealing with uncertainty, solution-oriented thinking, organizing and communicating. These are skills that are required in the business world. We therefore believe that this approach and knowledge will definitely be of added value for any company.

What can you expect from a work student?

Work students are often highly motivated and eager to prove themselves. Besides the fact that he or she wants to earn money to pay for their studies, this is also an opportunity for the student to have a look at the industry and gain relevant work experience. If the student does his best and there is a mutual click, there is a chance that the student can stay after his studies. Most students who are looking for a relevant job are seriously thinking about their career and will not settle for a job in the hospitality industry. So, I would say these are some good qualities!

In addition, a student gives a new innovative look at the organization and processes. Students are aware of the latest techniques, tools and latest research from the field. This immediately gives the company new energy and this knowledge can be shared within the company.

What can students expect from the company?

For students, it is important that they are treated just like other employees. In this way, the student will quickly feel at home in the work environment. It is also important to remember that the student is studying full-time in combination with his or her job. Some periods are busier than others due to exams, so it is important to be flexible. Try to make clear agreements to avoid misunderstandings.

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The ideal match between a company and a work student

Are you looking for technical talent? We will find the ideal match and you get to select them! EuFlex Technificent offers three different services for recruiting technical work students:.

Student job

The market for technical university graduates will become tighter rather than wider in the future. By offering technical students a part-time job, you can already introduce them to your organization.

  • Flexibly deployable students for various assignments, projects and activities
  • Get the talent of the future in house now
  • We recruit and you select
  • Pay per worked hour, without further costs or administrative hassle
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Reverse matching

Get in touch with graduated talent. We would like to introduce you to our large network of (recently) graduated TU/e students, based on generic profiles.

  • Candidate profiles from Euflex Technificent as a starting point for the perfect match
  • No recruitment based on vacancy profile or requirements
  • New talent helps with new insights for your company or market
  • For starter positions and experienced positions
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Employer branding

Increase your visibility among TU/e students now. Through our unique partnerships we help you reach the most in-demand (future) employees.

  • Reach 12 000 students at once
  • Opportunity to give in-depth company presentations
  • Visibility among students increases the likelihood of successful vacancies
  • Invest in the future of your company
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