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Do you have a student assistant or working student who is going to support you? You can also arrange that with EuFlex. Depending on the desired deployment, we determine whether a student-assistant or working student is most suitable.

Student assistant

A student assistant is a person who is registered as a student at TU/e who also contributes to university education or research as an employee.

The salary awarded to a student-assistant is determined by the number of study credits earned. The employment with the student ends in any case as soon as the student loses his/her student status.


If you have any questions, please contact us: 


Luna de Plint, room 1.140 – TU/e Campus Eindhoven.

Work Student

The other option concerns an on-call worker who comes to work on a flexible basis (0-hour contract). We call this a working student.

Working students are students who exclusively perform administrative or organizational activities.

The activities are usually incidental and have no fixed scope.

The salary awarded to a working student is NOT determined by the number of credits obtained, but is a fixed hourly wage of € 14.56 gross per hour.

Should you wish to pay more to the student in accordance with the number of credits earned? Then this option is also available on the application form.

As the client, discuss with the student whether the assignment involves the processing of confidential data, what is expected of the student with regard to this data and what the risks are of leaking this data.

We assume recruitment by the TU/e, if you would like us to recruit a student-assistant or working student for you, please click here.

Onno, Janine, Maarten and Anita are pleased to help you!

Work permit

For non-EU students, a work permit is usually required. If the student has a residence permit for education, the TWV is issued in a flexible manner. In that case, they don’t check whether there is someone else within the Netherlands or the EU who could also do this job. They only check whether the conditions of the job are in order. There is a maximum number of hours that the student is allowed work for you: 16 hours per week or 3 months full time in June, July and August.

  • Fine – You risk a fine of € 8,000 – 12,000 if you do not have a TWV for your student and the student may lose his/her residence permit.
  • Residence permit – The student must have a valid residence permit.
  • Residence permit to study – with a residence permit to study, the student may work full-time for a maximum of 16 hours per week or 3 months in June, July, August.
  • Health insurance – The student is obligated to have Dutch basic health insurance as soon as he/she receives income from work. Private student insurance is not sufficient. The student can, however, claim healthcare allowance.

Please contact the Contract & Payroll Services department for more information or click below to register your student.

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