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On top of our standard services we offer a number of services that are aimed at additional staff support for your organization.

Payrolling – secondments

This service offers the opportunity to flexibly employ staff, either by yourself or by EuFlex, and to outsource legal employment responsibility.

The employee will legally be employed by EuFlex. EuFlex then exclusively dispatches the employee to the client. The client remains responsible for daily support, planning, management and training of the employee(s).

EuFlex Employment Services BV is NEN 4400-1 certified.

Anita Berkers

Flexibly employ staff with EuFlex

040 247 8085

Recognised sponsor (Erkend referent)

We are part of a very international environment (TU/e) and many of our partners are too. Therefore we have an abundance of know-how about highly skilled migrants, regulations etc.

This makes us a recognised sponsor and we can be found as such in the public register.

HR Services

Through our collaboration with several different organizations and institutes and by means of our own broad range of services we have developed very valuable HR expertise.

Start-ups also make ample use of our HR services, specifically companies that are founded in collaboration with the TU/e and that are on their way to independence and maturity.

Interested in what we can do for your organization?

Please, feel free to contact us.

Manual employer portal

Via the link below you can find the manual for the portal where the hours can be approved.

Manual employer portal

Nicole Bergmans

EuFlex is a recognized sponsor with years of experience

040 247 8089