Place an internal student vacancy

We can place all TU/e vacancies for student assistants and/or work students on our online student platform “EuFlex Technificent”.

Placing and advertising a vacancy on our platform is completely free of cost for the TU/e!

To make sure that we can properly promote the vacancy amongst student it is important that we receive a suitable job advertisement text from you.

This job advertisement text should contain the following:

– A description of the organization / department / project

– A description of the task(s)

– What kind of person are you looking for? (profile)

– How many students do you need?

– Amount of work hours a week or total amount of work hours? And on which days does the employee need to work?

– Details of a contact person to send the applications to (e-mail address)

– Salary indication*

You can sent your job advertisement by email: 

The difference between a student assistant and a work student is that a work student works on call and a student assistant has fixed, predetermined hours.

When students respond it is important for our Contract & Payroll Services department to know whether these students already have a contract with Euflex, and if a work permit is needed.

A student has to be registered via our website.

The secretary’s offices generally have passwords to register someone as a student assistant. A work student can be registered without password.

When a student is new he / she will receive an e-mail from us with a request to register. After that we can generate the contract.

Please, keep in mind that non-EU students require a work permit when hired. The request for a work permit has to be done by us at the UWV and usually takes between 2 – 6 weeks. Without a work permit the student is NOT allowed to work.

If a student works for you without a work permit, his / her residence permit is at risk and you risk a very high fine!

* Please find below the table with Euflex’s options, wages and rates from 01-01-2022.

Application type

Hourly student wage excl. supplements

Client rates per hour

Student-assistant 2nd year 60-119 ECTS

€ 14,00

€ 25,97

Student-assistant 3rd year 120-179 ECTS

€ 14,00

€ 25,97

Student-assistant 4th year 180+ ECTS

€ 15,22

€ 28,23

Work student

€ 14,00

€ 28,79

Myrna de Win

Any questions about placing a student vacancy? I will be happy to help you!

040 247 6077