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Since 1998, EuFlex (Eindhoven University Flexibility) has been playing a crucial part in the development of the Brainport region: as a matchmaker between the suppliers of and demand for technical top talent.


As a wholly owned TU/e subsidiary, located in the heart of the campus, EuFlex has a wide-ranging network of talented students, experienced professionals, start-ups and well-established companies. Inside the TU/e as well as far beyond.

Our skills

Our specific skills and know-how are aimed at making that unique, perfect match between people and business. Both professionally as personally, temporarily or for a long term. That is what we do for our student jobs, Reverse Matching and with our Employer Branding partnerships.

Let us be your matchmaker

Are you as a (future) professional open to a (new) challenge at one of the frontrunners in your area of expertise? Are you an employer who is looking for a motivated student for a part-time job? Or are you looking for a qualified technical professional who can boost your company’s drive for innovation?

Let EuFlex be your matchmaker

EuFlex acts as an agent for permanent and temporary contracts within the TU/e organization and for technical (student) jobs at companies and organizations in the Brainport region.


You and EuFlex. A match made in Brainport

If you have a specific question you are always welcome to contact us.

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