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It may happen that you have a serious complaint, about us or about our services. We realize that this is an unpleasant situation. So therefore, we always try to work things out with you. Our complaints procedure tells you how we deal with complaints.


Since 1 July 2016, the ‘House for Whistleblowers Act’ provides employees with the right and responsibility to report suspicions of abuse or irregularities within their own organization or the organization where they are posted.

‘Whistleblowing’ refers to practices that take place under the responsibility of the employer and where a major social interest is at stake, such as criminal offenses or a threat to public health.

A suspicion of wrongdoing or irregularity is generally first raised internally (internal whistleblowing notification). The law states that the organization must first be given the opportunity to assess the (suspected) abuse or irregularity itself and, if necessary, to put things right.

If you want to report an abuse or irregularity that falls under the responsibility of EuFlex, you can use the whistleblower policy that EuFlex has adopted. You can find the regulation here.

Attention! For complaints about EuFlex that do not concern an abuse or irregularity of major importance to society, you should use the ‘normal’ internal complaints procedure of EuFlex as mentioned above.