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EuFlex offers TU/e employees a wide variety of services in the field of career counseling. This goes far beyond merely finding the right match between employer and employee. A number of our services will be explained below. For further information, please contact us.

Career Consult

Do you ever wonder if you are still in the right place? Would you like to grow, take a different direction or do you need a sparring partner for your career questions? If so, request a career consult! Our expertise and experience enable us to guide you through this process or offer you practical help, for example how to write an up-to-date CV. A career consult consists of three individual meetings. A career consult is free for TU/e employees who have at least a two year contract or a permanent employment.

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Luna de Plint, room 1.140 – TU/e Campus Eindhoven.

Career Consult 2

We offer Career Consult 2 for TU/e ​​employees who are not yet in the final phase of their contract and have previously followed a Career Consult with us but would like more support. This process again consists of three meetings with a Euflex advisor.

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Career Consult End of Contract

Are you leaving the university and not yet sure what you would like to do next?  In that case you can ask Euflex to help you reposition yourself on the labor market. Our program consists of three individual meetings. These meetings can start before your contract ends to make sure you enter the labor market well prepared.

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Individual Proof personality analysis

The Individual Proof personality analysis tells you more about your personal qualities and with this provides guidance for future choices. All Postdocs, PhD and EngD students have the opportunity to register for this part of the PROOF programme. For more information, click here.

Are you not a Postdoc, PhD or EngD student but would you like to apply for an assessment or personality analysis at Euflex nonetheless? That is possible. Please contact us.

Development or selection assessment

A Euflex development assessment provides insight into your skills and qualities as a candidate. This gives you a better impression of your chances and opportunities, and with that helps you to move forward in the right direction.

A selection assessment is part of an application procedure and checks if your knowledge, skills and qualities align with the job requirements. Based on this assessment Euflex can give you and your potential employer a customized advice about the match with the vacancy.

Career (re)orientation

Reorganizations, internationalization, and technological developments demand continuous alertness and flexibility from employees. Euflex supports TU/e staff during their process of labor market (re)orientation, within or outside of the TU/e. We help you to answer questions such as: ‘Who am I?’, ‘What do I want?’, ‘What are my strengths?’.

Labor market orientation

More and more, employees are expected to steer their own career path in this dynamic labor market. That is not always easy. Euflex, a wholly owned TU/e subsidiary and located in the heart of the campus, keeps a close eye on the developments on the labor market. We have the unique capability to support employees on their path towards (new) chances.

Spouse Career Support

The following information is about the Spouse Career Support program for partners of foreign employees. When someone has taken the big step to move abroad we first like to give them a warm welcome to our country.  We hope and trust that they will find their Dutch stay an interesting and enriching experience! Working in our country will further contribute to this. We are pleased to help them find a new job that suits their needs. Interested in our Spouse Career Support services? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Several different reasons might cause an employee to start to feel out of place. This is not only challenging for the employee but perhaps also for his/her work environment. Euflex looks at possible new career moves, within or outside of the TU/e organization. Outplacement by Euflex is an intensive program. We guide an employee step by step towards a new, suitable workplace.

Saskia, Mariette, Marijke and Anita for all your questions regarding personal growth and career development.

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