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Actually, a work student is nothing more than a student who performs work within a company, usually in the form of a side job. Often a student works on average between 8 and 16 hours a week.

Many companies are interested in work students. Students are eager to learn and usually have a lot of knowledge of digital developments, so those are good qualities! The work students are often hired as an addition to an existing team of permanent and experienced employees. In addition, a good selection and recruitment of students leads to talented employees in the future!

What is the added value of a work student for a company?

Work students are becoming more and more popular in the Netherlands. Often, the students use the salary to pay their tuition, but it is also intended to gain work experience in the sector where they eventually want to work. These students are eager to be hired, they think seriously about their career and are not satisfied with a side job in the hospitality industry. If the student turns out to be a perfect fit with your company and develops well, he or she can start working within your company immediately after graduation. And all that without a lengthy training period and recruitment and selection process!

New view

A student can provide a new innovative look at the organization and processes. This immediately gives the company an energy boost. Students are aware of the latest techniques, tools and research in the field. They can share this knowledge directly with your company. In addition, they are not yet limited by the existing culture and processes, so they quickly find out what can be done more efficiently within the company.

High work productivity

The average work student has high work productivity, especially when you compare it to what a work student costs. Performing well now increases their chances of getting a job with the company, students are eager to prove themselves. Especially compared to workers on a permanent contract, students truly still have an urge to perform.

What salary does a work student receive?

EuFlex follows the NBBU temping collective agreement and is obliged to apply the ‘inlenersbeloning’ (hirer’s remuneration). The student is scaled according to your collective agreement or remuneration scheme. If there is no collective agreement, we usually apply the salary of a student assistant. According to Glassdoor, the average hourly wage of a work student is €13. So you have some indication of what you can offer a work student in terms of salary.

Do you want to hire a work student?

Want to get in touch with the top talent of the future right now? EuFlex Technificent bridges the gap between technical TU/e talent and the job market in three ways. Deploy our TU/e technical talents directly for your company as work students, or start a relationship so that we can collaborate in the long term.

  • Flexibly employable students for various assignments, projects and work activities
  • Get the talent of the future in house now
  • We recruit and you select
  • Pay per hour worked, without further costs or administrative hassle

On this page you will find all the possibilities we offer, but we are also happy to discuss the possibilities in person: 040 247 80 80

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