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The 3 benefits of a working student:

Work-study students are proving to be an ideal solution for many companies to cleverly deal with the current tight labor market. Discover the benefits for yourself now:

Highly educated personnel

Direct access to highly skilled technical personnel in the brainport region

Build a flexible layer

Be able to run peak loads without problems or hassles

From books to operation

Our customers tell us that the TU/e students can be taught and operate quickly.

Who is a working student?

A working student is a college or university student who performs work within a company, usually in the form of a side job. Students are eager to learn and have great knowledge of the latest digital developments. Proper selection and recruitment of students leads to talented employees in the future!

Why hire a working student as an Alumnus?

There are several reasons to take advantage of work-study benefits.

Reduce workload of permanent employees
Working students offer the solution for activities where flexible staff is required. On the other hand, we also see more and more organizations employing TU/e students for a number of fixed hours and/or half-days per week in order to relieve and reduce the workload of permanent employees.

EuFlex takes a lot of work off your hands
We recruit the candidates and take care of the contract and payroll administration, while you remain in control of the process: you retain the freedom to choose which applicants to hire.

With the labor market increasingly tight, especially for technical staff, TU/e students can help your company. Just as students help your company, your company also helps the student by offering this (practical) knowledge. This way, the student can also orient himself towards the future within the technical sector and of course your company.

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As an employer in this line of work, you have to operate very differently. Simply posting a vacancy will not get you anywhere. Our focus in recruitment is on young, upcoming talent. Talent that you can train internally or talent that immediately adds value. But: you don’t just discover talent. As an employer, you also have to invest in it.

Martijn Stuart  director Infield ICT

Customer Experience: Quickly and easily find technical working experience

In 1 minute: How does EuFlex Technificent work?

Customer Experience: Working students at SmartQare

Highly educated personnel

Our database consists of more than 5000 different TU/e students. All from different programs and departments. TU/e students have knowledge of the latest technological developments and are used to working in multidisciplinary teams.

Building a flexible layer

Working students are flexible. This means that you can scale up during busy times and down during less busy times. In this way, you ensure that the workload of your current staff does not become too high. Decide for yourself whether you want to give the work-study student fixed days and hours or whether this varies per week.

Quickly from book to operation

Our current customers regularly tell us that the TU/e students can be taught and operate quickly. A huge advantage if you ask us, because we often hear that the workload within companies is too high, which automatically makes it too busy to train someone.

Diverse strength and skills

Besides mastering the English language, TU/e students are also trained in social skills such as presenting, writing and more. This can support you, as a manager within an SME or within your own company. There is also the possibility to recruit someone from a certain country or someone who masters a certain language for your vacancy.

Let's talk possibilities

A former TU/e student, who once started with us as a platform employee, is now a business analyst at our headquarters.

Susan   Recruiter platform employees at Viggo

How does hiring a working student work?

EuFlex Technificent delivers custom work! In consultation with you, we map out which student best suits your assignment and your organization. This allows us to tailor our recruitment process entirely to your needs.

Our students work for a wide range of companies, both technical and non-technical.

TU/e students are also placed in side jobs where a technical background, at first sight, seems to be less necessary. In practice, the ‘fresh view’ of a TU/e student sometimes leads to both student and company wanting to grow together. In a position that suits the education of the student and helps the company further in a ’technical’ sense.

What work is a work-study student suitable for?

Our students work for a wide range of companies, both technical and non-technical. Think of filling (temporary) vacancies, assisting within project teams or performing technical (laboratory) work. But also Market Research, IT & Web Development, Data & Process analyses and (Graphic) Design are common student activities. TU/e students are used to working in multidisciplinary project teams. We increasingly see clients outsourcing full or partial projects to students. EuFlex Technifcent also offers you the opportunity to put together your own multidisciplinary team. After all, new, young fresh eyes not only offer you the chance to think out of the box, but also give you access to new insight, knowledge and techniques.

Is it necessary to give students a new assignment?

Certainly not. Students are also suitable to be used to carry out permanent work. TU/e students, proven by our other clients, are very quick to settle in and are also eager to get a taste of precisely that atmosphere at your company and thus also experience what a potential future could look like. This way they not only help your company, but you help them too.

Can I also hire students temporarily?

Yes, even for seasonal work, temporary projects or if you are short of hands on the shop floor, a student worker is ideal. Companies that have a temporary shortage of personnel can use a work student to bridge the period. In this way there is no sudden increase in the workload of other colleagues, but tasks can be taken up by one or more work students. But work students can also be used for temporary projects. Think of market research, an assignment for a customer where specific knowledge is needed or researching a (technical) issue.

You and EuFlex.
A match made in Brainport

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