You probably landed on this page because you are looking for a new employee or a work student to apply machine learning within your organization. First of all, let’s start with what exactly machine learning entails.

What is machine learning

Machine learning is a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that focuses on building systems that can learn from processed data or use data to perform better. Artificial Intelligence is a term for systems that mimic human intelligence. (source: Oracle)

Machine learning has become a popular term; it is used everywhere these days. The technology is developing rapidly, but we are only just beginning to understand the possibilities it has to offer. To get a better overview of the possibilities within your organization, a student can help.

What can a machine learning student help with?

First of all, it is important to know what a work student is. Actually, a work student is nothing more than a student who performs work within a company, usually in the form of a side job. Would you like to read more about what a work student is? Then read this blog!

A work student with machine learning skills can of course help solve problems that involve machine learning. TU/e works mainly with CBL (Challenged Based Learning), which means that many assignments and courses are directly carried out in practice. The student will therefore already have performed a machine learning project before. Just keep in mind that it is a student, so years of experience at a large company will unfortunately not be the case. But this does not take away that a work student can contribute a lot within the organization.

A work student also provides a new innovative perspective on the organization. Students are aware of the latest techniques, tools and research in the field. They can share and apply this knowledge immediately! Since they are not limited by the existing culture and processes within the organization, they quickly see what can be done more efficiently.

In addition, students who are looking for a study-related job generally have a driven personality. They find it important to gain relevant experience and hope to find a full-time job within the company in the future. They are eager to learn new things and are very flexible. They have a high work productivity, especially if you look at the cost of a work student compared to normal employees.

What salary does a work student receive?

EuFlex follows the NBBU temping collective agreement and is obliged to apply the ‘inlenersbeloning’ (hirer’s remuneration). The student is scaled according to your collective agreement or remuneration scheme. If there is no collective agreement, we usually apply the salary of a student assistant. The average hourly wage of a work student is €13. So you have some indication of what you can offer a work student in terms of salary.

The advantages of a work student in the Eindhoven and brainport area

Let’s once again summarize the benefits of a work student.

  • Fresh innovative view on the organization
  • Driven personalities
  • Cheap employees
  • Highly educated at the TU/e with Challenged Based Learning
  • If it suits both parties, you can hire them right after graduation without doing any acquisition
  • No administrative hassle (EuFlex Technificent will take care of this for you!)

How do you find a suitable machine learning employee?

You don’t really have to do much yourself if you leave it to us. Contact us so that the vacancy can be posted on our website. We look for suitable candidates and you only need to select. We take care of the administrative hassle. By the way, you only pay if a student actually starts work.

Do you know that we also mediate in starter jobs, so for recently graduated students? Take a look at this page!

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