Looking for an (almost) graduated academic? But, keeping today’s difficult labor market conditions in mind, how do you find these technical talents for your organization? And very important: how do you make sure that those talented students know where to find you? For this, Technificent has three services with one common goal: the right match

Getting in touch with your future top talents? That’s possible. Technificent bridges the gap between technical TU/e talent and the labor market in three different ways. Take on our technical TU/e talents for a student job at your organization, or think ahead and establish a business relation to stimulate future collaboration. Read more about the options that we offer below, and of course we would like to go through the possibilities with you personally too: 040 247 80 80.


E:  Technificent@tue.nl
P:   040-247 7371

Student jobs: I would like to offer smart students a student job and connect them with my organization.

The market for technical academics will most likely become even tighter in the future. By offering smart students a student job, you can introduce your company to them now.

  • Students are flexible staffmembers for a variaty of assignments, projects and tasks
  • You get access to future technical talent now
  • Technificent searches, you select
  • You pay per worked hour and you have no further costs or administrative hassle

Reverse Reverse Matching: I would like to have graduates introduced to me.

Imagine, you want to get in touch with recently graduated talent. For example to brainstorm about market trends or developments in your company. Euflex and with that Technificent has a big network, also among TU/e graduates. With Reverse Matching we can, based on generic profiles, introduce them to you.

  • Euflex candidate’s profiles form the basis for our matching activities
  • Searching is not based on a vacancy profile or vacancy requirements
  • New talent brings you new insight into your company or market

Employer Branding: I would like to brand my company among TU/e students.

TU/e students and alumni are among the most sought-after employees within the Brainport region. Consequently, competition between employers to bring in these talented employees is stiff.  Your company’s visibility and presence on the TU/e campus will strongly contribute to your reputation as an attractive employer. Technificent offers two types of partnerships to take care of this: the Premium Partnership and our Exclusive Partnership.