Looking for a (nearly) graduated technical academic? But how do you find technical top talent for your organization in these difficult labour market conditions? And, also very important: how do you make sure that these talented employees find you as well? Technificent offers 3 services that share one common goal: finding the right match.

Student jobs:I would like to offer clever students a student job and in that way connect them to my organization.

In the future, the labour market for technical academics will most likely become even scarcer. By offering clever students a student job, you can timely introduce them to your company.

  • A student’s availability is flexible and convenient for different types of assignments, projects and activities
  • You connect your company with future technical talent right now
  • EuFlex searches, you select
  • You pay per worked hour and have no further costs or administrative hassle

Reverse Reverse Matching:I would like Euflex to introduce graduates to me

If you would like to get in touch with talented graduates Euflex has an extensive network amongst TU/e graduates. Based on generic candidate profiles we can select and introduce them to you with our Reverse Matching services.

  • We find the right candidates based on generic criteria which we discuss with you
  • No searching on vacancy profiles or requirements
  • Reverse Matching enables you to recruit technical top talent

Employer Branding:I would like to promote my company amongst students

Students and graduates from TU/e are amongst the most sought-after employees of the Brainport region. Competition between employers to sign these talents is heavy. Visibility and presence of your company or organization enhance your position as a reputable employer. For that reason, Euflex offers two types of partnerships: a Premium Partnership or an Exclusive Partnership.