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Searching for (international) talent with an academic technology degree and working experience?


We can search and select candidates from our own extended TU/e network and partnerships.


Without a doubt a unique position between the TU/e and the labour market. Which you can use for the benefit of your organization. 


For more information, please contact us +31 (0)40-2478080 or by email euflex@tue.nl


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We search and select candidates for all types of TU/e vacancies.




There is a good chance that you already know us from your study, promotion or an  earlier cooperation. 


Search & Select can also find the right job for you.


Our clients are (international) companies who are looking for employees with a technical academic degree and work experience. (Ir. - PhD.) 


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If your ideal vacancy is not there (yet), please send us your resume (open application).


Our company network is much larger and not all vacancies are displayed.


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