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Career Counselling

Development & Assessments

People from inside and outside the TU/e seek EuFlex for career advice. Sometimes employees reach a dead end in their careers. It is important that your career satisfies your needs and capabilities. What level have you reached in your career? What direction are you heading? Euflex offers the following services: 

  • CAREER CONSULT - (only for TU/e employees)

TU/e employees (with at least a 2 year contract or a permanent contract) can take part in this programme free of charge. In three meetings you can consider the developments in your career.
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  • CAREER CONSULT END OF CONTRACT - (only for TU/e employees)

Are you planning to leave the TU/e? From three months prior to your end of contract this programme is offered free of charge to all TU/e employees. We will help you with all your questions and options in three meetings in applying for a new job.
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Through interviews, exercises, and different tools you will gain more insight in yourself and your situation. You will study your competences and determine the direction you could and would like to head for. This results in a search profile, on the basis of which you can start looking for a matching function or work environment. During your Career (re-)orientation you have a weekly meeting with your advisor.


This programme will give you a clear picture of your chances in the job market. You work in a step-by-step approach towards your targets. This includes subjects like search strategies to find vacancies, having network meetings, writing letters of application and a Curriculum Vitae. Practical help is central to this programme. 


This assessment focuses on validating the potential of employees in relation to their current function and provides insight into competences and points of development. Based on the question a tailor-made programme is constructed that takes one day to complete. The programme consists of a capacities study, a personality test, an interview and two role-playing simulations.


Check first your own HR department for the possibilities

This is an intensive programme tailored to the needs of partners of foreign employees. It offers the partner support with specific career wishes and questions that she or he might stumble upon in the Netherlands.
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At the request of the organisation, you are looking for suitable external employment. With us you will find full attention and support for your personal situation and options. We will give you feedback on your skills and growth path. You can count on our intensive support during this process of finding a new job. 


For further information or questions please call us 040-247 8084 or e-mail to euflexcc@tue.nl