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TU/e CareerCenter



The goal of the CareerCenter of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is to help you find technical top talent, and to support graduating students with their labour market orientation.

In order to facilitate this, the CareerCenter is centrally located at the TU/e campus. The TU/e CareerCenter team consists of consultants who actively mediate with job vacancies and are in direct contact with students and recent graduates. 

By joining the partnership programme of the TU/e CareerCenter, your organization will be a focus of attention for graduating students for at least a year. These students graduate and enter the labour market all year round.

When you become partner of the TU/e CareerCenter you have the possibility to choose between three different annual programs. Your choice determines the intensity of collaboration between your organization, the TU/e CareerCenter and graduating students.

A partnership with the TU/e CareerCenter gives you:

  • Access to the TU/e CareerCenter job board. 
  • Active job matching between your vacancies and graduating students through our consultants.
  • Searching CVs of our (international) graduates in our CV database.
  • Employer branding.
  • Distributing your career updates via our social media channels Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Invitations to TU/e CareerCenter network meetings.
  • Meet the graduates in events and one-on-one sessions.


The CareerCenter is a successful partnership between the TU/e Education and Student Service Center (STU) and Euflex employment services. 


For more information:  www.tue.nl/careercenter 

But you can also get in touch with Ingrid van Orten, email euflex@tue.nl or by phone +31 (0)40 2478080